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Fuaimlaoi was formed by composer Ronan McDonagh in 2006 to promote and develop liturgical music that grows out of our native tradition. Based at St Teresa’s Church, Clarendon Street, Dublin, it comprises a dynamic group of talented and committed singers and instrumentalists who have a keen interest in both liturgical music and Irish culture.


The name Fuaimlaoi is a poetic joining of two Irish words: fuaim - meaning sound, and laoi - an old epic narrative poem, lyric or canticle. Linking both evokes a sense of the sound of our ancient spiritual song.


Scripture texts - particularly psalms, hymns, Irish prayers and poetry are presented in various forms and in a musical style that is fluent, natural, melodic and faithful to our heritage. A wide range of vocal and instrumental colour is used to bring the texts to life. The settings owe much to elements of sean-nós singing, plainsong, sacred polyphonic choral music and traditional Irish instrumental music.


Fuaimlaoi's first recording, Ancient Promise, features a broad range of Ronan’s liturgical compositions. A book of the same name containing the music of the settings accompanies the CD. Combined they provide a useful resource for church choirs wishing to access new music that is proudly rooted in the Irish tradition.

Fuaimlaoi - Eirim suas le Dia


Fuaimlaoi at St Teresa's: 

Fuaimlaoi regularly sings at the Saturday evening vigil mass at 6pm in St Teresa's, Clarendon Street. These occasions will be indicated in advance on this site.


Fuaimlaoi - Come adore this wondrous presence